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How can I adhere an engraved nameplate to my leather Bible cover? Answered

adhere metal to leather


I recommend JB Weld.  It sticks anything to anything, with the right surface prep.  You will need a sharp steel knife, like a razor blade or exacto knife, to safely and carefully scratch a few rough areas on the backside of your metal.  Do the same on the Bible inside the area you expect to stick the metal to.  Let it dry for a few hours, as leather has trapped moisture inside the tanned area. Mix the epoxy, apply the metal to the Bible, and let dry.  I recommend taping off the area around the metal just like masking tape to pull wet epoxy from where you do not want it to be.  Be slow, precise, and patient, you only have one shot at this.

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Phil B

9 years ago

You could have a piece of leather similar to or contrasting with the leather cover sewn to the cover. It would have an open center, like a frame. Leave one end unsewn and slide the engraved metal piece into the leather frame. It might be very hard to match the finish on your cover, so something that contrasts pleasantly might be the way to go.

I'd think that an epoxy-glue, or hot-glue would work well