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How can I adust my tv aerial to detect signals from the rear? Answered

I have a Yagi style tv aerial in the loft.

I get very good reception from the forward direction, however there are a few stations that I would like to receive from another transmitter to the rear of the forward direction.

I do not want to lose much gain from the front, but would like to increase gain from the rear.

Any suggestions - short of fitting a second aerial?



Put up a second Aerial pointing the other way

what your asking for out a directional antenna is not possible. If you want to receive tv signals in all directions you use a omni- directional antenna. Radio shack has this http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3740645&znt_campaign=Category_CMS&znt_source=CAT&znt_medium=RSCOM&znt_content=CT2032189.

You might need to install an omnidirectional or multidirectional aerial, thus you will be able to get the channels that you want. Another way is installing an aerial rotator that you can control from your house.

Thank you for response.

These are good suggestions.

I was wondering if a simple addition (home brew) to the Yagi aerial would achieve my aim.

Best wishes.


According to a Wikipedia article about Yagi-Uda aerials.

However the Yagi-Uda design only achieves this high gain over a rather narrow bandwidth, making it more useful for various communications bands (including amateur radio) but less suitable for traditional radio and television broadcast bands.

Most of the antenna gain is in the front.