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How can I antique my jewelry findings? Answered

I have some shinny silver (plated) and shinny brass jewelry findings and I want them to look less "new". I was wondering if anyone knows a way to antique them.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Several ways.  Take a boiled egg yoke and dump that and your silver in a plastic bag for a couple of days, then rub the black stuff off where you can reach.  Use liver of sulfur (if you can get it shipped to you, I've heard that 'homeland security' doesn't like the word 'sulfur') in water, then dip and rub.  You can even use black paint (like Testers or Krylon) but you might have to use acetone on the rag to wipe off the high spots.

I think you could easily google how to tarnish or blacken some of your pieces so they look more like antique jewellery and antique silver. Good luck and share pictures!


6 years ago

A quick and dirty way to "antique" jewelry is flat black spray paint. Spray it on, wipe it off the top surfaces. It isn't as authentic looking as the results of liver of sulphur but it can tone down that shiny new look.

The most common patina solution for silver is Liver of Sulfur. You can find this at any well-stocked jeweler's supplier, especially ones that specialize in Art Clay Silver. It stinks, but it makes a lovely antique patina. Here's a good link about how to use it:


will it work on cheap metal findings like this....


Neat little brass flowers. LOS works best on silver and copper, but you can get it to work on brass by pickling the pieces first in a hot Sparex solution and blotting them with steel wool while in the pickle. This will cause a thin layer of copper to plate the surface of the pieces, which can then be treated with LOS.
If you try this, do be careful. Pickling solution is nasty stuff to get on yourself.

I have found out (by accident) that if you go swimming in a chlorine pool it can make sterling silver jewelry look tarnished.