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How can I balance a wobbly ceiling fan without the sticky weights that come with it? Answered

I do not have the balancing kit that comes with new fans, and I don't want to glue washers to the back of the blades. Is there a better way to balance a ceiling fan without a kit?


How much out of balance is it? I often see fans with a slight wobble and so it is not likely to be a problem if it is only mild. Can you take the rotor off (with all the blades in place? because then you can make it balance when static on a table top. Use small coins until you get it right and then fix them in place using epoxy adhesive. Remember, if you end up with a coin on each blade then you are doing it wrong. Experiment with placing the coin at different distances from the axis.

Wobble is caused by imbalance (you know this). Take the blades off and weigh each if you can. If you know the weight of each you should be able to arrange them to the best effect (this may help). I.e. pair the closest weighted blades opposite other. If you mark the blades with (e.g. Post-It notes) and spin on low-speed you could probably identify the heaviest blade and counter it with a bit of (Blu-Tack) on it's opposite. Ultimately you will have to either add something or remove something, (or put up with a bit of wobble). L

Several things to check. First, check to make sure all Blade screws are tight. Second, take a ruler and measure each blade to the ceiling. Bend the metal part of the blade, CAREFULLY, and try to get each blade the same distance from the ceiling. Third, make sure the fan is mounted securely to the ceiling. All of these things can make a fan wobble.