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How can I bridge and use outdoor wireless adapter with my indoor wireless adapter in LINUX? Answered

I am trying to increase my wifi reach because my indoor wifi adapter is not picking enough AP's i am using a TP-LINK wireless adapter with RaLink 3070 Chipset after trying some cable extending ways its till not satisfying what i want to ask if i setup a outdoor Wireless CPE how can i use that to monitor or perform ap's from internal wifi adapter to make it more clear i will use my tplink adapter with my computer usb as a bridge to access my outdoor wireless CPE or outdoor wireless adapter so what i want to achieve is make my outdoor wireless adapter work in monitor mode and deliver data to my internal wifi adapter where internal adapter will only act a a bridge to access outdoor adapter in this way i will be able to extend reach of my wifi coverage i am trying to find a solution in different forums if its impossible can you suggest any other solution to bridge two or more wireless adapter in a way where the last adapter works as monitoring or injecting adapter and middle and first one only work as abridge to connect to the last third adapter?



4 months ago

It is my understanding that you are talking about the wireless receiver / adapter in something like a notebook. If that is the case the answer is mostly no. Routers and access points make bridges, adapters don't have that function in them. They usually only connect to one other thing, their source. In a router there is firmware that allows you to change the function, wireless router, wireless access point or bridge. A bridge acts like a network cable. The router doesn't function and only the info from the originator router is passed on. The 2 units are locked together sending and receiving only to each other while network info is passed on through without them interfering with it. I did this a lot with my long range wireless networking. We actually put the radio routers (each radio functions as a router) on their own IP network so the radios could not be discovered by anyone on the network. In order to get into the radios we had to change to the static IP address the radios were on so we were on their network and could then talk to them. To boost a signal outside you need a wireless access point that connects to the router and then rebroadcasts the strengthend signal..

By the way the wireless radios we used had a range of more than 20 miles. Our network, end to end was more than 80 miles long. You can get very powerful wireless equipment for not very much cost. We had one mounted in our work vehicle with an omni antenna on the roof and we could log into our antenna towers from several miles away. One of the companies that makes these is named Tranzeo. You can look them up for info.

Monitor mode is only used to monitor wifi traffic without associating to it. Not something you want to use.

but it sounds like you want something as a range extender, that is not possible really with most hardware. Only proparietary protocols or a real ugly (bad working) hack would do that. Most consumer hardware that claim to do that based on that ugly hack. The only ones that can do it is broadcom and you have to have all broadcom devices. https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/bridgedclien...

But other then that what would work and if you still want to do it wireless, natting the outdoar "range extender" would be an option. So that the indoor wifi only sees one client.

Or something completely funky, https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/r...

p.s. gargoyle custom firmware does do de fugly sta (wireless) bridge hack.