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How can I build a Braille embosser? Answered

Hi !
My name is Youri Bergoug and I am the president of a NGO named "French Organisation of the International Cooperation"

We are working on a project which is about education for blind people in third world countries .
The NGO is very new and our bank account is very low , so we expect people for donation in order to buy a Braille Embosser and make disable people able to study.

A braille embosser is very very expansive Though, I had the idea to make one by ourselves.
The issue is we don't know how to build one and I'm really hoping the instructables community will help us about that ... or about finding a braille embosser for cheap .

Thank you for reading,
Youri Bergoug


What material are you embossing? Do you essentially want a braille printing press or does this need to be handheld, like a label maker? Maybe in between like a desktop printer. You can buy several different types of braille printers or embossers for around 2.000 €.

Does your NGO have a website? I couldn't find anything about them online.

we want to emboss paper , we would like a press ... 2000 € is still a little bit expansive , we found one online for 300 € second hand .

about the NGO , the name in French is => "Association Française de la Coopération Internationale" (we are about to change Association to Organisation for website domain name purposes)

Many moons ago I worked in a government office where they employed blind computer programmers.

We printed out Braille l for them using an old pin printer with the ribbon removed.

If you want to do this automatically it isn't going to be easy either from a hardware or software point of view.

If you just want to make small labels then drilling small holes in a metal pad and using it as a stamp should work.