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How can I build a lego army without buy really anything? Answered

How can I build a army without buy really anything? plz leave url or type site name.


Hi I know this was posted a long time ago but I found a great website with instructions for how to make a lego army. They show you where to buy lego army kits and figures for cheap but also have free decals which are military designs you stick to existing lego figures to create an army uniform.



In soviet russia the army doesent really buy you.

What?<br /><br />Are we talking about a REAL, invade-a-foreign-country-and-become-a-dictator kind of army, or a fake, toy soldiers one?<br /><br />The first one is close to impossible. To stay on the cheap, you would probably need to indoctrinate people into some sort of organization, through ideology, religion, and media. Desperate people work better.<br /><br />Mind you, this army wouldn't be a well oiled killing machine. It would be a rag tag, expendable individual kind of army, due to the lack of money for training. Plus, (effective) weapons don't come cheap. Riots are probably easier (and cheaper) to create, however, you won't have control over them once they get started... Oh, and you need something to riot about...<br /><br />In short: You can't make an army effectively without money. Even insurgents have a source of income or certain connections to do their operations.<br /><br /><br />The second one, IS possible: a toy army, however, I misplaced my paper craft link... Try looking around <a href="http://www.cubeecraft.com/">Cube Craft</a> or something...<br />

I'll come looking for you when my recruitment stage is ready to commence...

opps sorry I mean lego army sorry