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How can I build a privacy fence out of bamboo? Answered

I need to build an 8 foot privacy fence on a budget and have access to free bamboo. What would the easiest way be to make a privacy fence for my backyard. I was thinking of using U shaped "tracks" of 2x4 on the top and bottom and then just sliding the bamboo into them. Any reason this wouldnt work? Thanks!



7 years ago

Bamboo lends itself to all sorts of trickery.

I have a bamboo fence just like the one you are planning. It looked great when it was built but the bamboo has not aged well. It dries out, shrinks, cracks, and turns a faded yellow with brown patches. The shrinking is the worst because outsiders can easily see through the irregularly bowed gaps.

It's inconsistency makes it hard to build with and hard to maintain.


10 years ago

Yup. No real problems come to mind with your plan. You might want to tie your bamboo together with stiff wire and hide that in your tracks. You intend to secure the top and the bottom, perfect. Over an 8' span, I'd add a support in between as well. The support doesn't have to be a 2"x4", it could be a 1"x3" piece of strapping. The support can add a decorative detail to the fence as well. If you decide to place it diagonally, alternate directions between each panel of fence. If you decide to place it horizontally, you can do alternating heights or select a uniform height. The support probably needs to only be on one side of the fence. Best of luck!