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How can I build a simple,rugged crusher that will crush a high volume of aluminum cans? Answered

I can weld steel. Prefer components that are used and commonly available. Should be as light and small as possible.



If you can weld all you need us some steel and a hydraulic car jack.

My uncle one time used a differential out of a truck. Put a pulley where the axel was connected for a belt, then drove it with an electric motor. He welded the differential to a metal pipe frame that had a hub welded to it also. He arranged it so that one tire on the differential was line up with the tire on the hub, both of them touching each other. When the motor was turned on both tires would spin and he would feed cans between them. He welded a type of hopper to it the keep the cans centered as they were fed thru. Not my idea but as a kid I was amazed by it.

well, ok I guess i will have to get off my lazy butt and build my crusher, i will use a 6 inch steel post driver, ladder style lift track a drive chain and probably a 3/8" drill motor. i will get the pics as i go. wish me luck. hopefully when all is said and done i will be able to use the "f" and "j" keys without useing my middle fingers.

Crush flat? Lay them out in your drive, put a board over them, then drive over them. I don't think, though, that "small and light" and "high volume" will end up being compatible when crushing cans.

. Around these parts, we don't use a board. Just throw the cans in the driveway and run over them. Dodging missiles is half the fun. heehee


9 years ago

these are cool... it is called an electromagnetic can crusher. It uses an electromagnent to squish cans... ''http://www.altair.org/crusher.html''

you can also google it... iive never personally built one of these, so i can't vouch for how it would be able to work for you.