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How can I build an android head with no experience with electronics? Answered

  I've worked with LEDs and things before, using Instructables, but don't know how to use formulas related to that. But now I want to do a large scaled project, by leaping off the bridge, and having no clue what I'm doing. I'd like to build a robotic human head, a women, that uses a webcam for face recognition, a microphone for speech recognition, and a robotic jaw, to move to the speech. 
SO, first, what programs can I use for the face recognition, and how can I use my computer for this, with out needing to use my computer as a permanent piece (A.K.A: A plug in, so I can use her when I feel like.) Two, how can I use the webcam for face recognition, programs. And three, not entirely needed, is a moving jaw, to match the rhythm of speech, if possible. BUT, I really DON'T want to spend money on those programs. A lot to ask, but can someone answer with a detailed explanation. Please don't show me this link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-an-Android-For-less-than-30/ 
No offence to the author, but I couldn't understand how it works, because it lacked detail on programs, and ect. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

It is possible to do what you want, but you're not going to get a detailed step-by-step answer because what you're asking for is equivalent to several semesters of college classes.

Your project is way way too big for a beginner. Even an experienced robot builder would have to do some thinking about before starting. 

The way to build a complex project is to break it into smaller projects that you do know how to do, or can easily learn.  Start with facial recognition.  You can do that with just a web-cam and the right software. I'd take a look at Processing which is pretty simple and can do some powerful stuff with video.  It might not be what you ultimately use, but it's a place to start.  After you get the facial recognition going, then you can work on the speech recognition, then the speaking, then the robotic parts. You'll also need something in there that listens to what is sead, interprets them and then figures out what to say.  Each of these steps are doable, but are not simple. If you can't get your head around a step then keep breaking it down into simple and simpler steps.  If you can't get face recognition in a video working, how about in a still picture? Do you need face recognition if it could recognize people by voice?  If you can't get voice recognition working right away, use a keyboard for input, just for the time being.  Work your way through the small problems one by one and eventually you'll get there.


8 years ago

The problem here is that everyone who's even come close to making a decent looking (and operating) "android head" has had years of education, more years of experience, and wads of cash to throw at the project.  Even then, they've all been creepy.

Get to that point, and maybe you can tackle this project.  I'm a fan of "shooting for the stars" but I'm afraid this will end in frustration and a box of loose parts. 

I speak from experience.  Start small, and work from there.

Sorry, I really can't see how you could get from where you are now, to a completed project.

You can buy a "robot head" to begin with from people like these.
www.milinst.com/robotics/robotics.htm which seems to be a good place to start from.

Are you sure you don't to try someting easy to start with, like a manned spacecraft or cold fusion?