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How can I change the colour of a brass spike Answered

Is there any way to change the colour of brass items and still keep that shiny glimmer once the colour has been changed?
I want to change the silver colour brass to a burgundy blood red colour brass like on the images.
Any suggestions or item recommendations to achieve this?


Your first image is chromed brass. The lower one is likely an anodized aluminum spike. If you want a long lasting colored metallic finish than go with anodized aluminum. If you paint any brass ones yo have with a metalic paint it will wear off and/or chip over time.


5 years ago

You can try semi-transparent red spray paint.. it will affect the color but still allow some metalic shine through... They use this to paint custom tail lights and such on cars... check with a large custom auto supply place...


I think that red colour is created by anodising the metal, which I don't think you can do with brass.

Try aluminum to anodize or look at different types of brasses. ( different alloys come in a wide variety of colors, including the one you have). If you already have the parts, you made be stuck with scratching up the surface (use steel wool) covering with a primer that works on metal, and going with a metallic spray paint. Experimentation is you friend, but you might try a red metallic base and then light coats of brass... Ie build up thin layers. Best of luck...

Where did you get spike1.png from (i.e. website)?