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How can I charge a Dell Laptop Battery (i.e., type PT434)without the computer? Answered

I have come into a number of Dell PT434 batteries, but I don't have a Dell computer into which to put the for a charge.  Any other way to charge these Batteries?  I do have a dell external laptop computer power supply.


for the worst, you can cut the plastic case and use any universal battery charger to charge each 3-4V cell but you have to repeat this 3 times seperately but they have high capacity so it would take long time even with a fast charger.

You'll probably have to buy an external charger specifically for those cells. The PSU is NOT the charger.

Something like this


It would be easier if you had even a broken lap top for the connection parts.

You will need to make your own connector to connect the power supply to the battery.

Then you will need to buy or build a regulator circuit with a shutoff for when the battery is charged or over heats so it stops charging and doesn't blow up the battery.

Although blowing things up is fun I think that would defeat your purpose.