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How can I charge laptop battery when DC jack is broken inside? Can I buy a separate AC-DC charger for laptop batteries? Answered

Kid tripped over HP laptop AC cord and snapped the DC jack inside. I can't afford $$$ to send off to repair, taking apart & soldering is too much involvement for a 5-year-old 40 gig hard drive laptop. But doesn't anyone sell a charger that I could pull out the battery and charge it up and then re-install it, maybe have two and switch them in and out? laptop would be OK for Grandma, so I hate to throw it away. Right now it is dead, no way to charge it and the AC won't work since the DC jack is broken. Any ideas?


my coworker broke her connector piece on her sony viao, i ended up doing some ghetto soldering and patched it up with some gorilla glue. it works.

also my other coworker had something similar with her older dell. the connector piece broke off and fell inside the computer. since her computer can have a docking station i just acquired a docking station for her and she just plops her computer on it.

and my computer the end connector got loose and wouldn't charge when mashed into the connector. a new cord was 50-80 bucks. i just rigged one with some hot glue and soldered the old piece and it works.

if its an older computer and still runs then don't worry about it being pretty.

If the laptop is really old, opening it up and soldering a flying lead directly to the motherboard might be all you need to do - all you need is the back off the laptop to access the pins.


Generally the charging circuit is both in the battery and in the motherboard, and is proprietary for each brand - you're looking at repairing the jack at this point. Since its bust, you have nothing to lose attempting a repair. May I sugest the diy breakaway cable? You permenantly attach a wire to the laptop chassis, and its magnetically coupled to the other part of the wire (like a macbook charger)...just be careful magnets + hard drive = bad.