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How can I cheaply make this golden? Answered

I am making a Wonderbolts Badge and I am using this Instructable as my guide. I've made the badge before and I really want to make this one. I have all the materials to make it, but I want to make this a shiny gold. I can obviously use gold leaf to get the job done, but it's way to expensive. So I'm asking, how do I cover this to make it shiny and golden without breaking my wallet?


Sputter coating I have seen it done on sand dollars for cheap jury but I forget how.
I know there is a cheap way of doing it.

Make it out of brass & polish


5 years ago

There are plenty of XMAS golden wrapping foils that you can use in place of aluminum foil.

Rub 'n Buff is fairly inexpensive, about $4 a tube.

Actually gold leaf is quite "cheap" depending on what you call cheap.


Real gold leaf about £29 a book.

Metallic gold spray paint should do the trick. It comes in both super shiney gold and chrome.

just get some gold model paint or gold spray paint.