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How can I chrome cardboard for daft punk mask? Answered

Ok so I'm makeing a cardboard and baseball helmet daft punk mask, I could maybe seal it with something or use fiberglass but I don't know what the best option would be. I want it to look somewhat nice. If anyone could give some advice that would be great. I need it to be shiny like the original. Thanks



4 years ago

You could try 'leafing' it with any number of metal looks. Gold leaf is expensive (of course!) But there is a whole range of aluminum based leafs. Check out an art supply store. The process is pretty easy, and it's less 'wet' than spray paint.

If it stays cardboard then glue aluminum foil to it and smooth it out as best you can. If you want something better than that it may cost you. I have seen some decent chrome spray pants that may or may not look as good as a well foiled helmet.

There are processes for chroming non metal materials like plastic and maybe even fiberglass. But you will need to find a company that does that sort of thing and talk to them about the price and the kind of materials that can be chromed.

Possibly try a "filling primer" also. Filling primer works like a thin spray-on bondo or a thick spray paint. That might bulk your part up a bit.

Look for fiberglass boat repair kits. They should have enough supplies to make a decent helmet.

Just get some chrome spray paint. You'll probably get the best results by priming first and the helmet will need to be in it's final shape when the chrome coat goes on.