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How can I collect and melt large amounts snow for drinking water? (solar, not fuel based)? Answered

I live in the woods in central Massachusetts.  I collect rainwater during the warmer months, filtering it for drinking water.  I'm looking for a fairly convenient, low effort way to melt snow using the sun.


I'd say try to find a large rubbermaid plastic bin, put a black garbage bag or piece of rubber inside, insulate the outside, fill it with snow and cover the top with a piece of glass or plexi or clear plastic.

Then it would be similar to a solar water or air heater, only you'd drain the water from the interior into your cistern or whatever your collection system is.

You'd still have to shovel snow into the melter, though.


7 years ago

How do you collect the summer rainwater? If we, the 'ables community, know what system you are currently using, it would be a big hint as to the easiest direction/method to pursue.

That is the first time I've seen 'ables instead of 'ibles.

For a while I went along with the flow and used " 'ibles ". Then I decided that " 'ables " made more sense: Do not = don't, with the apostrophe taking the place of the omitted part. "Instructables" minus "Instruct" =" 'ables ". I don't understand where " 'ibles " came from, or why it became prevalent, because it doesn't make any sense. Where does the "i" in " 'ibles " come from?

I agree with you. Maybe it's pronunciation. If you heard me speak with my Aussie accent, you would hear me say "instructibles" which would account for every one down here writing 'ibles. I don't know about the rest of you though. How do you pronounce it? Forum topic anyone?

I just saw a comment posted by kelseymh where he used I'bles. Makes sense. Maybe 'ibles was a typo and every one just ran with it?

I'bles makes more sense, but then you have to capitalize it.
The pronunciation, at least in my corner of the western US, is:
In-struhckt-uh-bulls... but I lived in Adelaide for a while, so I get what you're saying.

The roof of your house? Those icicles and gutters are there for a reason...

Black plastic sheeting.

How about packing it into a big black bin ?