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How can I colour White Gloss paint? Answered

I am about to start painting tyres for a school gardening project! I've researched Diy sites that tell me it's best to use Gloss paint as it lasts for two year before needing repainting. The problem I have is I have lots of white paint donated from parents but I don't what just white. I've been to a DIY store and they have informed me that Dulux now add acrylic to their gloss paint to colour it? Has anyone tried to colour Gloss paint themselves and what sort of acrylic paint did you use? Obviously I am trying to keep costs down as we have 56 small tyres to paint. Please if anyone has any experience in doing this please contact me or have other methods. I've considered Food colour? Thank you


Yeah, What the other guy said. Go to a paint store and ask them to tint it. If they won't tint it just go to another store. The only thing is, is that white paint already has alot of pigment in it already so you can only get light colors. You can make really nice off white or gray this way.


9 years ago

Thank you for you quick response! I have considered doing this at my local Jewson. I guess I thought if someone had done it before I could get colouring. I'd like a wide range of colours and I think that a store may do one or two but I think I might get turned down. However thank you for answering so quickly and I guess it'll be down to me asking nicely and persuading them!

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I used to do invoice processing for Saint Gobain Building Distribution - I probably know your branch. Mr Frollard has probably given you the best answer, be sure to click the "best answer button". L

it might be inexpensive to go to a paint store and ask them to tint it - it might not too :( if you told them it was somewhat charitable then they might do it pro-bono - and you'd be using the correct type of tint for your paint.