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How can I connect an mp3 player to my 2003 eclipse without an fm transmitter or a new head unit? Answered

Its a stock head unit in there now and there is no cassette deck


Call Crutchfield(.com). They make adapters that convert CD changer aux inputs into regular aux inputs. If they can't help you it probably can't be done without some hacking.

I don't think you can. If the head unit doesn't support MP3 players and has no other inputs, an FM transmitter is your only option. If it has an AUX input, you can get an 1/8 inch phono to RCA adapter and use that.

There is a 13 pin aux port on the back of the head unit, but I haven't been able to figure out how to select it to use. Under normal circumstances it would be used for a multi disk cd changer.