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How can I connect my laptop to my big screen tv (both hardware and what to do in Vista)? Answered


As long as your TV has a VGA input, simply buy a VGA cable. Connect one end to your laptop and then the other end to your tv, You may need to you a function key on your keyboard (It will normally have a picture of a screen or it might say lcd). Simply hold your function key and this key we just talked about and it should work no problem. If your tv hasn't got VGA in you could buy a VGA to SCART (Which all new tvs should have one) Adaptor. Hope this helps you!

hmmm pretty sure there'll be a vga input as I can select pc as one of the settings of the tv (flip between video in 1 2 3, camera in, pc, hdmi and aerial). Will give it a shot. looks like its going to be function f4

Yep, that's the ticket! I'm sure you will find it very easy!

worked a charm - now to get the audio working

Now depending in your tv you will need a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable or a phono (The red and white ones) to 3.5mm just search on ebay or google to find these cheap

thanks, picked up 3.5mm cable and now its working a charm - now I can watch Naruto and Iron Chef in all its big screen glory

think you're spot on again - its a toshiba and seems to be a 3.5 to 3.5 (which sucks cos I've only got 3.5 to phone lying around grr) guess its laptop sound till I sort it out