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How can I connect my phone to a scale? Answered

I want my weight on my android phone can measure and track. The iPhone is a dock vita see also http://www.vitadock.com



I just needed a new scale because our old (digital) one broke. I tought that there must be cheap android options. I'll think it's a bit to early for that. I''l just input it myself.

You could just get a weight tracker app and input it yourself. That would be free compared to buying a bluetooth scale which a quick search finds at no less than $70 and possibly much, much higher. There are lots of free weight managment apps with lots of tracking options or you could spend as little as $.99-$2.99 to get a full featured tracker.

There are many bluetooth scales that come with android applications to monitor your weight. Have a look around for bluetooth scales and check if they are android compatible. Or perhaps search for scale in Google Play (or your favourite app store) and the app creator will normally have a bluetooth scale they either recommend or sell. Here is just one such example (I have no connection to the app creator in any way).

Hope you find what you are looking for.