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How can I connect the USB output from my laptop to the RCA jacks on my tv? Answered

I'm in school, and I'm a bit of a geek.  Let me first tell you the existing setup, and the problem, so you don't suggest a non-viable answer.  I am running windows 8, with a 23" multitouch monitor on the hdmi output, and a 19" non touch widescreen on the vga.  This VGA, however, is not straight-thru.  It connects to a belkin KVM switch, to connect to both tower and laptop when its in there.  The 19" has only vga and dvi options for input.  The 23" touchscreen will take HDMI, VGA, or DVI.  The 32" monitor is a crt and only has coax and rca inputs.  When I am working on a project, I have my screens quartered and layered and still do not have enough space on the screens to see everything I need to.  I am using them as extended monitors rather than as duplicate or single-display only. I need to be able top take a USB output and bring it (through any necessary converters or cables) to the RCA input of the TV.  Any ideas anyone?  I don't have the money to buy a new monitor or tv or I wouldn't be asking.



5 years ago

Google is your friend. Type "USB to RCA video" and spend about $8.


Answer 5 years ago

I did try that, but the answer's I'm seeing say that that only duplicates your display, does not give extra screen real estate in an extended desktop mode - unless I have been seeing incorrect reviews?