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How can I construct my own flexible clamps for macro photography? Answered

I am trying to figure out how to construct my own Wimberly clamp style flexible clamp for macro photography and for holding reflectors etc. The US McClamp range look great but I can't afford the shipping fees!

I can get hold of individual A clamps but need to get flexible stuff to connect them so I can clamp one end to a table or tripod leg and the other to hold a plant stem or reflector in place.  It needs to be be sturdy enough to use outside in a breeze.

Any tips for where to get stuff and how I can put clamps together (I'm UK based)?


You know the stuff those flexible stemmed lamps are made of, it's metal hosing that holds it's shape, that stuff...

You could also adapt from this instructable, for the clamps you can get three for a fiver at a cheapy store like pound stretcher, they're plastic clamps for small woodwork projects, they're strong for their size and you can use one hand to operate them.