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How can I convert a rechargeable power drill battery into a rechargeable, portable, wall-style power outlet? Answered

I can't afford to keep buying batteries for my ghetto blaster, which has a removable power cord  on it. I was hoping to use a power drill battery as a portable outlet, and want to be cheap about it. I was hoping to attach a wall-style outlet to the battery, so that I don't have to worry about voltage regulation. I'm kind of a noob when it comes to stuff like this.


That's an interesting question.

First, batteries (of any kind) put out "direct current" (DC) :  the current flows from the side labelled positive to the side labelled negative (the electrons go the other way, but you do not have to care about that).  Your wall plug puts out "alternating current" (AC):  half the time the current flows from the small prong to the large one, then it switches to flow from the large to the small; it switches back and forth 60 times per second.

Second, the batteries in your cordless drill probably put out about 18V (or 12V if you bought a cheapo).  Your wall plug puts out 120V.

The AC adapter for your boom box is built to take 120V AC as input, and convert it to (probably) 12V DC as output.  You probably could plug it into a "fake" wall plug that you wired onto your cordless drill battery, and it should still do the job okay (and not even get warm).

But why?  You're going to have to unhook the stuff in order to take your drill battery and put it into its own recharger.  So why not just buy rechargeable batteries for your boom box, plus a charger for them, and be done with it?