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How can I convert a two pronged adaptor to a three pronged plug? Answered

I have an electric shaver with a two pronged charger.Is it possible to fit a three pronged plug to it?Thanks.


Chop the plug off, strip the wires and fit a 3-pin plug. Yes you can do it, but check it's running the right voltage. Because of safety concerns / issues electrical sockets are limited in bathrooms. Providing the 2-pin shaver socket is acceptable, which leads to shavers having 2 pins - mine came with an adapter. L

Hey. The two pronged plug isn't actually a plug,it's a charger for the shaver!It has lots of gubbins inside!The two wires going into the circuit board are D,C (-) which is black and D,C (+) which is black and white!Which do I fit to the Live part of the three pronged plug? Thanks


Sorry I didn't read that accurately. The two wires that connect the two round pins to the transformer (big heavy gubbins with metal) go to the live & neutal pins of the plug. The third plug pin is earth/ground - which you don't need - leave it on the plug but don't connect it to anything. Fit a 1A fuse. L

So I need to leave the transfomer and circuit board intact?Which of the two wires from the pins to the transformer is live and neutral?The're both red? Thanks again and I hope I'm not bothering you too much.

Live and neutral don't matter here, they're both the same in real terms (which is why they're both the same colour). L

Ok thanks.I'll give it a go and let you know the outcome!

Yes, you could just cut off the 2 prong plug and wire on a 3 prong, but it isn't electrically necessary. A 3 prong plug may provide a better mechanical connection when plugged into the outlet, however it isn't electrically beneficial because the third prong is chassis ground. Recently manufactured wall warts, power tools, and small battery chargers are all insulated by a plastic case or chassis. If they had a metal case/chassis, then it would have come from the manufacturer with a 3 prong plug. The 3rd prong-chassis ground protects you from a shock in case of an internal short to a metal chassis. If it is a plastic chassis, then there is no need.

. No.
. Well, you can put one on there, but you won't have the ground that the third prong is for.
. All that assumes you are in the US. If you are elsewhere, I may not have understood the question.
. Why do you want to convert? There may be other options.