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How can I convert .bin to .img for router (OpenWRT) reflash? Answered

I am trying to get my head around installing OpenWRT on my Netgear dg834gt. I have found the hardware page, identified the correct image and downloaded it. As per instructions I attempted to pass the .bin file to the web interface, however the web interface only accepts .img files. Is there any method of converting between these presumably different formats? I could get a jtag/serial connection to the target but I'm waiting on a cable, so the Web interface would be preferable. Any help is appreciated,
Thanks in advance,

p.s. I'm a Linux user. Also, I have no idea if this is a daft question or not.


I have JUST bought some old 834s to do what you are doing. What method are you using to flash it ? Windows or Tftp ?


I tried windows and the program just sits there and fails. I'm going to try the TFTP method but it requires a serial port converter/level converter (I have one but it's tied up with another project at the moment).

Have you made any progress with this?

You did use a wired connection didn't you ?

Yes, I think you have to use the wired connection (I can't find it but I could have sworn I read it somewhere - perhaps not...). I don't have any wireless connections anyway (no wifi router/usb stick). I suspect the issue is compatibility (XP sp3) or firewall related.

Do you have the "dg834gt"? You may already know, but that model has a latent USB capability. Unfortunately it requires some fine solder work to get working, the modifications needed to get the USB working are documented here.

I plan to give it a go with serial/TFTP later this week when I liberate another serial / USB chip from an old Nokia cable. I'll report back here when completed.


P.S. Sorry for the month delay to your response, it seems I am no longer getting "New Comment" email notifications and I hadn't realised.

I got it with the intentions of doing the wired mods - we have the gear at work to do it easily, but I don't have the time at the moment :-(


Hi sorry for the delay, I'm graduating tomorrow so everything has been a bit hectic this week, I have a serial cable primed and ready I just ned to solder some connecters, probably be done before the week is out,


Hey Drew,
Since you're only about 15 miles from me, if I get the stuff to do the USB hack do you fancy coming over to do it ?


I haven't had a chance to try it.