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How can I count how many ppl walks into my store? Answered

Hi ev1, I'm trying to build a sensor to put at the door of my store to count how many people enter in the store. But I have no clue on how to start, anyone can point me to the right direction? Many thanks in advance Bruno


Check outthis this instructable.

You know how some people have those beeping things whenever somebody comes? Like with the sensors. You could hook up something to that so every time it rings, it marks one down. But if people just walk by it and stuff that might count more, uhhh so I dunno.

hook a sensor that does that up to a pedometer and then divide by 2 (in and out)

But if every single person buys something, you could hook it up to the register or something.

. If you want to buy one, try this. If you want to roll your own, try this.