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How can I create a water sprinkler alarm clock? Answered


I am trying to create an LED analog alarm clock. I want to set up a little water sprinkler with that too. Like when ever the alarm goes off, it starts sprinkling water on you and wakes you up. The sprinkler system should be attached to the clock and the whole clock goes on to the wall above the bed and from there the water is sprinkled on to the user.

I am using Arduino Mega to create my project.

Please HELP!!!


Have a little electric motor with a blade that spins into a tray of water, and throws it off the blade at you.

But with the electric motor and the tray; is the water going to go in all directions? like in circular form at 360 degrees. How would I make it go in one direction like right under the bed?

I'd put the blade plane VERTICAL, like a deskfan., and I'd put a shield that only lets water out in a specific angle vertically. Imagine a desk fan guard, but solid, except for a bit at one side.

OOOO that makes sense :))
Also, how would u control the water flow? like when the alarm runs off thn only the water should fall on the blade. Do I have to block the water with somtng too thn? like it only allows the water to fall down whn the alarm runs off?

Motor Speed controls water flow rate. THINK about it !!

Ok but how would you control when water starts to sprinkle?
If you imagine the water is contained in a tank how do you control when it opens and closes?

You switch the motor on, it sprinkles you turn it off, it stops......

The tank is a trough under the blade.

OOO so basically what u are saying is that the blade is going to be in the water trough; and when the alarm runs off, the blades that are dipped in the water are going to sprinkle the water around. Is that what you mean by water trough?

Also when you need to wake-up very early there will be more water to alarm you.

Then on days where you may sleep in,
some of the water will have evaporated by the late rising time
because you are easier to wake up then.


1. A wet bed isn't very nice

2. If your alarm isn't waking you then likely the water won't unless excessive (see point 1)

3. Get 2 or 3 loud alarm clocks set then 30, 15 and 15 mins before you need to get up. Put them ACROSS the room so you HAVE to get up to turn them off. Works best with a alarm that rings for a long time.

4. Get to bed at a reasonable time so you have enough sleep and you will awaken naturally.


5 years ago

I say use one with a speaker and use the speaker to trigger your sprinkler.