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How can I create raising/lowering mechanism for Purple martin house? Answered


I want to make a 2 story with options to add additional stories. Wanting to raise and lower stories but leave roof at top if this is possible. Thinking about donut style apartment stories with pole in center. Wanting to find something that cranks from ground up through pole if possible. If not possible any ideas are appreciated.

Ah, that's helpful. You might consider using the Edit option on the question and putting that description into the main body (easier for other Answerers to see).

It sounds like the stories are going to link up from below (the roof stays fixed at the top). If you make the stories C-shaped then you can slip them onto or off of the post at the bottom without having to detach the roof.

I think the hard part is going to be moving just the lowest story, rather than the whole stack. If that's not what you want, then I think it's straightforward. Use a pair of pulleys with a rope loop (think of a living-room curtain string).

Attach small carabiners to the rope loop, spaced according to the size of each story. Also attach a carabiner on the rope loop so that with the top story raised up to the roof, that carabiner is down near the bottom of the pole. Attach a screw eye to the pole at that spot; this allows you to "lock" the rope in place, holding the whole house up.

On the inside of each story's C, attach a screw eye positioned to match the carabiner. That ensures that all the stories are hooked onto the rope, distributing the weight load.

On each story, have the floor and ceiling overhang the slides slightly, and drill several matching holes around the perimeter. When you go to add a new story, put short bolts through those matching holes, to anchor the stories to each other.

Now you can unlock the rope at the bottom, lower everything, attach new stories underneath, and so on.

Manual or powered? How big is your PM house? On a pole or on a tree? A pulley, rope and tie-off point are the obvious solution, but you might want something more complicated.