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How can I cut a wine bottle in half from top to botton? Answered

I'm looking to find ways to cut a bottle lengthwise.  How would I go about doing this?


so a band saw it is then :) Thank you so much. I think my husband has one, I'm gonna check

Problem is the thickness and way the bottle is made.

They have a seam from the mold and since the glass was pressurised to fill the mold it is neither 100% even in thickness nor free of tension.
Due to the thickness you will have a hard time with a dremel and diamond disk - trust me I tried...
As mentioned by Steveastrouk a diamond tipped saw would be the best option.
The trick is lots of water and low pressure during the cutting.

I had limited success using a glass cutter.
Made a simple mount for the bottle so I could cut lenghtwise all around it.
As you can not bend it like a pane of glass a hardened punch was used to tap along the cut, starting at the thick bottom.
Broke 3 out of 5 bottles I tried and only one had a properly cut neck...

thank you so much. I didn't even know we had a lapidary club here, just messaged them. I do have a dremel, so I'll try that in the mean time.

Thank you so much :)

I would try a dremmel and a cutting disc. Go slow keep the glass wet.

Find someone with a diamond blade bandsaw - Look for stained glass makers, or your local Lapidary club - they're the kind of folks with the tools you need.