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How can I dehydrate lime or lemon juice to make a powder? Answered

I'm interested in using dried lime juice powder in place of citric acid powder for things like dusting fruit leather to make sour fruit candy.  Can't you just leave some juice out in a shallow pan in the sun and then powder the result in the blender? 


I am planning on making some dehydrated lime juice this weekend. The reason I don't want store bought lime powder is because it contains Maltodextrin. Here is my plan. I am going to cut the limes in 1/4" slices and dehydrate the limes whole using a dehydrating machine. Then once they are dehydrated I will throw them through a coffee grinder to make the powder. I will let you know how it turns out!

I dehydrate a lot of liquids (I love powdered soy sauce!!!) using and excalibur dehydrator. My neighbor just dropped off some fresh lemons for her tree, so I did a search for Dehydrated lemon Juice. I normally dehydrate liquids into "glass" then break them up and throw it into a coffee grinder. not sure if there are any chemical compounds that will throw a wrench in the dehydrating process, but I plan on trying it out too!!

The local grocery store here has powder lime and lemon juice. I use it to make homemade beer salt and it works pretty well

I guess if you let the water evaporate you will get to a sticky syrupy mess - I doubt you can get this totally dry with out freeze drying as the sugar will caramelise with any heat.

You could try leaving it in a saucer in the fridge as a sort of cool drying - might work.

Most sour sweet flavours are citric acid crystals and some kind of chemical flavouring. Only gums and boiled sweets have real fruit flavour - these are added as a syrup.

I have reduced lemon-juice to a syrup, crystallising the sugar and citric could probably be done but it's probably not going to be that easy.
Try it and see?


Try it. You're probably going to lose some of the volatile oils, but it might work well enough.

Might be simpler to just use powdered lemonade.