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How can I do a Very Strong Electromagnetism device? Answered

Hi, I want to do a electromagnetic device, that must be like a cilinder, because I will put a "armature" to protect that.
I need 7500 Gauss, or near this. I dont know how materials is necessary and the wire, spins, turns. If I do anything wrong is possible that  device will be very hot and dangerous. This device can not be very big (can be 20cm  and diameter like a 2,3cm). Voltage is not a problem.



The flux density you asked for was very specific, do you mean it ? 

Draw what you want to do and post it, and I can perhaps give you more suggestions.


Hi Steve...
I came back now... Sorry I was working a lot.
It's Okay, I made this model to exemplify my idea.
Now is better to understand me, I think.

Tks for your help!


That's less than 1 Tesla, its not very strong at all. You won't have much diffculty with magnetic materials at all with that kind of flux density.


Ok Steveastrouk, but I don't know how many wire I will use...
Type of wire, Voltage, turns.. etc.

Can you help me to do this device?
The DIY world is very new for me, but is very cool.

Tks for your help!