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How can I do highspeed photography like this: http://www.3ph.ru/049054052.html? Answered



The shutter stays open for a long time in a dark area during these shots. The FLASH is triggered by either timer, or some other trigger, like a laser trip beam, sound activation, wire being cut, or electrical contact being made. Theres an ible on here about making a sensor out of 2 sheets of aluminium foil that triggers the flash to catch a bb flying thru the air.

I can't get that site to work....At a guess, I would say: 1. Buy a very expensive camera, ie. Nikon or thereabouts 2. Set the shutter speed quite high, if you need to steady the camera use a tripod and, if it is Nikon, use the MC-36 Remote shutter trigger 3. Voila! Hope this helps.