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How can I ease pressure from the solenoid`s tongue of an electric lock? Answered

I have this electric lock (it`s a bit old) to which I connected to a video door phone, when the door is open, that is no pressure is applied the solenoid works fine, the problem is when the door is closed and  so pressure is on the tongue, when the release button of the video entry is pressed, the tongue is not pulled back so as to release the lock, it seems that it is not strong enough. Any ideas please ?




.  Make the bolt smaller and/or make the hole in the striker plate larger.

Thanks NachoMahma, I am sorry but I don`t know what you mean, you see this lock has three bolts, the on top that is the one that goes in when you turn the  key, then there is the middle one, that is the one that locks when the door is pushed, and then there is the bottom one that has no hole to go into and when the open button is pushed it is supposed to extract the middle one and the door is pushed open.

.  The middle and/or lower plunger(s) could be sticking. You should be able to check for smooth operation with the door open.
.  The middle and/or lower plunger(s) (if I understand your description, most likely the middle one) could be sticking on the striker plate when the door is closed. Hence my suggestion to increase the clearance.
.  Weak solenoid and/or not enough voltage. This would be the first thing I look at. Measure the voltage and current at the solenoid with the solenoid energized and the door closed. Compare to your solenoid's specs.

Okay, you've said that is is almost unused, clean and installed properly (not dragging on the latch plate or anything).

But you say that if you push it with your finger it still doesn't work.  Then it's jamming on something.  You may have to take it apart to see what the problem is.

Unless the bolt locks when not actuated by electricity.  Have you thought about that?

Are you using the right voltage?  Is it dc or ac?

I thought what he meant was that any sort of pressure (either from the doorframe or a finger) would keep the solenoid from working. My guess would be either it's underpowered or the solenoid is just bad. I'd like to see a diagram of the lock, though. I'm not sure I understand how it's really supposed to work from the description.

Thanks RavingMadStudios,  That`s my feeling that it is underpowered although as I said, when the solenoid is free it works fine, about the dc or ac that Re-Design mentioned I don`t know how to figure that out. Tomorrow I will try to figure out the voltage.


Are you running it from a transformer?

If you're running it under voltage then it will be underpowered.

If it's meant to be used on dc and you put ac on it then it would be underpowered or maybe not even work at all.

You could possibly re-mount the lock such that it's a better fit. That is, take it off, mark-up, chisel screw etc. & fill the old holes.


Thanks lemonie, but it is a good fit, you see when I keep the door open and push the bolt with my finger it still do not work.


Might it need a clean?


If you push it in manually, is there any resistance that is not supposed to be there like rust/corrosion, dust etc.?  If so clean it off and see if that helps.

Thanks Re-design, but although it is a bit old it is still in good condition because it has never been used.