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How can I equip my bicycle with a tracking device? Answered

I'm about to start back to school and I want to be able to find my bike when it gets stolen. (I am operating under the assumption that it WILL get stolen.) I'd like to outfit the bike with some sort of tracking device, something that will be somewhat easy to hide and not cost me hundreds of dollars. I am a tech newbie but I have friends that can help me with anything complicated, so be specific if you have an idea and I'll do my best to figure it out. Thanks!



Best Answer 9 years ago

I'm not sure it's really feasible. (But prove me wrong!) Unlike a car, there are not many places to hide things on a bike. Sure, you could hide it in one of the tubes, however the metal of the tubes will block any signal that could be tracked.

You could try buying an off the shelf GPS tracker, ripping it apart and rearranging the components so that they'd fit in the seat tube, then drilling a small hole below the seat stays to route the antennas through, maybe they'd go unnoticed. Charging the batteries twice a week would be a pain.

A GPS tracker alone costs $150+ (And will only get more expensive if you build your own.) How much is your bike worth?

You're probably better off getting a good U lock and uglifying your bike so that no one wants to steal it.

You may find it easier to get a decent lock for your bike, but don't necessarily buy the cheapest. Get a solid 'U' shape lock to connect the bike to the surroundings, and a chain to connect the wheels to the frame. Of course you could also use both the U and the chain to attach to the world.

Oh, there will definitely be a lock on it. But I'll be leaving it alone on a college campus; the best lock in the world might not be enough...

Keda I am very curious: How did you resolve your bike dilemma? Did you ever get a device? .Or what did you do? I apprecciate your reply

Just ended up getting a good lock, but a few weeks later I crashed the bike and pretty much wrecked it. I gave it up and went back to walking. The drivers around campus are too insane to understand bicyclists.

Just so you know, a U shaped lock is called a D-Lock. They are the best :)

We provide a very loud, remote controlled, motion activated bike alarm that will sound as soon as anyone moves the bike and this usually scares the thief off. Some of the d-locks can be opened in 30 seconds using a biro - search youtube for d-lock opened with biro.

Our alarms are available on Ebay - but shipping to the USA is expensive - although you can pick them up for half price at auction there. Item number is 140369383473.

Osvaldo: I am new here. Where can I get one of those? What does the number mean? It doesnot exist on ebay .Can you provide me with a link ? Please

Yes -ebay item number 220653199999.

Best thing would be to get a kryptonite lock and regestering the value of the bike with them... if a kryptonite new york chain is broken and the bike is stolen they will reimburse the cost of the bike up to 3k
the coverage is for one year but you can renew it every year for a small fee...

Also pettition your school to get this http://www.baitbike.com/Home_Page_24AF.php
as a deterent

I hate bike thieves with a passion they stole this from me two months after i built it :(...