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How can I extend broadband from my house to a caravan about 200 m away.If possible? Not too technical please,? Answered

Extend broadband to caravan


Orksecurity has the right idea. Getting some kind of cantenna and aiming it at the caravan would focus the wifi signal towards the caravan.

I'd go wireless with directional antennas. (Websearch on "cantenna" -- I built the simple coffee-can version for one long-throw connection, and it definitely worked.)

The problem here is that the limits of cat5 (Network cable) are 100 meters, the only cheap way I can think of would be running it 100 meters, a switch or repeater, running it another 100 meters and then into another switch/repeater to boost it back up. So at mid point you would have to a electrical source for this to work. Fiberoptic could to it all in the one cable put the equipment would cost at least £5000 for a small setup. Hope that helps somewhat!

It is a techinical question. Someone else may have a better idea, but I'd think a wireless router would do it, if you modified the transmitter to be highly directional. That's where it gets technical and I run out of ideas. (otherwise it's 200m of cable...)