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How can I extend the height of my 4' chain link fence somewhat attractively? Answered

I have a 3 month old Pharaoh Hound who can (when she's an adult) jump up to 6' high. We live in a wooded area with lots of little animals like squirrels and rabbits. I'm afraid she'll catch sight of something and hop over the fence and take off into the woods. I don't really want to do an electric fence unless it's a last resort. She doesn't stay out for long periods, mostly just to go to the bathroom and when we're hanging out. Bushes are also not an option because A) I don't have the money to buy ones that are tall enough and fill the entire length (about 120') and B) There's gravel around the fence and not good for planting. What do you think?



Best Answer 9 years ago

I had a friend who used rolls of bamboo screen and zip ties. The bamboo is cheap and looks better than chain link. (Btw cute pup)

Good idea firehazrd. To add to that if you don't want the expense of buying the weaved ones, you could use your local freecycle group to find someone who's garden's overgrown with bamboo, cut it down for them then use it as stakes. To hold it in place you could weave it down from the top, passing the stake through the chain fence a couple of times before you push it into the ground. You'd need a fair few, but a stake every 15cm would probably deter your pup from jumping.

I don't think bamboo grows in these parts (Massachusetts) Or at least if it does, I certainly don't know anyone that has any. I've can buy 6' dried out stakes of it at the store though, they're like a buck a piece. hmm...think...think...think...

After quickly googling it, a few people claim it grows up to 20 feet tall in mass. Where I live in the UK it's grown ornamentally, if planted out of a pot it goes nuts. I'm sure a bit of asking around would net you someone with it going mad in their back garden, certainly a lot cheaper than a dollar a cane.

hmm, that's sounds neat. Do you mean just like those roll up bamboo shades?

Yes, although it was a little difficult to find I think it was a 6' wide and 50' long matchstick roll. I'll try to find out where he got it. You could always use those 1$ canes and some chicken wire,but it wouldn't be so pretty.