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How can I extend this inner wire? Answered

I was wondering if there was a way I could extend this inner wire in an old monitor I am taking apart.
I need to extend the length so I can modify the layout of the components inside. 
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Best Answer 6 years ago

Does it tie the horizontal and vertical boards together behind the screen? You can buy jumper cables for doing that exactly. It's a FFC (Flat Flex Cable). Do a web search for and extension kit and your monitor. Not sure where to get them now that lumenlab doesn't sell them any more. If you know the number of pins and pitch of the pins you could buy any FFC that matches. There should also be little clips that hold the two loose ends together.

Hi there,
Thanks for a quick reply.
It is 9mm in width and has 10 wire streams. 6 0f which split in to 2 at the ends creating 16pins. Why do these split? is it for + and - current?
Thanks :)

Not sure but out shouldn't matter as long as you match your jumper cable. All that matters for that is the number of exposed pins on the end of the cable and the number of contacts in the port, which are the same.

The splits are probably to allow multiple pins to carry more current than single pins could, while still balancing the need for a certain pin density on lower power data lines -- a 16 conductor FFC should work so long as the overall PIN PITCH is the same.

As far as I know, the only way you can extend flat ribbon cable is to manually solder on thin wire.