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How can I find the correct potentiometer for a set of speakers/amplifier? Answered


I desoldered the potentiometer on an old set of speakers. I lost said potentiometer and I don't know what numbers to look for to replace it. It was a switch pot, and it had eight terminals.

What do I have to look for to replace it?


Are these powered speakers or non-powered speakers (the kind you have to plug into an amp)?

If powered, it sounds like the pot was a stereo unit (2 pots on 1 shaft) with a switch, hence the 8 lugs: pot 1 = 3 lugs, pot 2 = 3 lugs, and the switch = 2 lugs, 8 total. Most likely it was a 10k audio taper.

If non-powered, the so called pot was actually an L Pad. This wouldn't have a switch or 8 lugs, though.


While we're at it, what is the make and model of these speakers? It would help us to know what they are so that we may help you more accurately.


Thanks so much for your answer!

They're ~10 year old JBL Pro speakers that came with a Compaq desktop computer. I believe the model is 401508-001. They look like the attached image.


Go to JBL's website, product support page, click on "Product Parts Question" under Subject, enter "JBL Pro computer speakers #401508-001" (without quotes) under Model or Reference and explain your situation. They should get back to you within a day. Hopefully they will give you the value needed, possibly a schematic and maybe even give you a heads up on where to get the part.

Good luck!


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