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How can I fit a Semi Truck horn onto a bike or a Vespa? Answered

Infmom on Lifehacker had an idea here - http://lifehacker.com/comment/16894792 - and personally I think it might safe a few lives.

I'd love to hear anyones' thoughts on this.



Best Answer 8 years ago

First off, I would like to point out re-design's post regarding a larger battery... That wouldn't be absolutely true as long as you are not overloading what the charging system on your motorbike can handle.

For example, on my 1979 XS 650, I replaced the 14 AH lead acid battery with an aprox. 1.2 AH nickle cadmium battery... The bike is now kick-only (it has a kickstarter) but I notice NO preformance loss.

Now, regarding your question on putting a truck horn on your bike. Most of the trucks I've seen use an air system that uses presurized (or a vacuum) air. 

I have seen a system like this on a bike that came into a shop where they used a small electric air pump and a small metal cylender to store the air, a soulenoid activated butterfly valve and some toubing to the horn... everything exept the horn fit under the seat and it took aprox. 2 minutes of 'key-on' for the system to build enough presure to be used.

I would like to point out that a more acceptable question is 'how do I install a full sized train horn on my bike or vespa?'

It would use about the same setup that I satated before and probably has a simmilar price.

I know i'd rather have that deffening roar of a train when that minivan comes merging into where I currently am...

P.S. spell check is being... odd. sorry for any errors due to my American public school education.

FbO Vorcha

7 years ago

Check http://www.aerostich.com they have just the thing, at least for motorcycles, but a vespa is pretty much just a small step-through motorcycle, so should work.



8 years ago

try one of th' air horns like folk seem to like usin' at ball games !


8 years ago

I completely understand the question, I've been contemplating a larger horn for my motorbike too. There isn't a horn loud enough to be on my bike to alert drivers of my presence. I get so upset at drivers that fail the shoulder check then almost run into me, as a biker you have to be on your game then whole ride.

Though a semi-truck horn may be overkill (though it would be nice to frighten bad drivers) you can achieve the same result with a simple car horn. Bike horns are scaled smaller than car horns to tuck inside the bike somewhere, provided you have enough juice in your battery you can probably use a regular car horn and find a spot to stash it.

Consider that the horn will effect you as well as other drivers, so choose it's location carefully. Ideally you would orient the horn the same way most vehicles do, pointing forward. This may be difficult on a gas scooter but fairly easy on most motorcycles.

If you complete this project successfully I'd be interested in seeing your results, good luck!


8 years ago

It takes a pretty good sized battery. 
A large sized motorcycle battery might do it.
Find the horn you want to use and the battery requirements should be shown.