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How can I fix a short or broken wire/connection in a USB headset? Answered

I've got a USB headset (that is, stereo headphones with a built in microphone) that has either a short or a broken wire or connection inside of the in-line volume control and the right ear piece only works when the wires are held in perfect position which is really impossible for any extended amount of time.

The volume control is just a wheel for volume control and a switch to mute the microphone. I've tried to get it apart along the "seam" but it appears to be sealed somehow and I don't want to irreversibly break it since it's the only one I have for the time being.

I also do NOT want to just cut the volume control off an splice the ends together to completely eliminate the problem. I very much need the quick access volume controls as they are.

I'm really looking for some advice on how to open the volume control without damaging it further and how to go about locating and fixing the problem.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

This image contains an identical volume control to mine (different headset, however):



Best Answer 8 years ago

The two parts are either glued or plastic welded together and the only way to get inside is to separate it on the seam line.  Use and exacto knife or other razor type knife to score on the line over and over until you break the seam then do the same on the other side.

When you get it open, fix it and glue it back together again.

Becareful when you part the halves because lots of times the halves are the actual switch bodies and the parts just fit in slots and may fall out when opened.

Good luck.

P.S. Are you sure that you're not deaf on the right side?

In general the wire break is in the 'wire' portion of the cable - not inside the volume control.

It will be easier to fix overall with the case removed as you suggest however - use an EXTREMELY sharp knife to gently and slowly remove as much insulation/rubber/outer casing as possible from the cable to expose the wires.  Find the break, and cut that section out, then splice back into the volume control.

It'll be easier to replace the full length of wire surely?


Not if the volume control is as vital as mentioned.

I meant replace the wire from the control to- rather than removing the insulation looking for a break and having a go at splicing it. But you're talking about a break close to the volume control, where I'm thinking of a break anywhere (we don't know where). If it broke once, it'll probably do it again.


The break is in the wire right at the rubber protector piece that's at the ends of the volume casing so what I want to do is get the volume box apart, disconnect the wire on that side and cut about an inch off to eliminate the break and then simply connect the end back to the volume controls.

Do it exactly like that!  Trouble is getting those sonically welded pieces apart once they've been closed.  You might be lucky and just need a screwdriver to get it apart.