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How can I fix my Xbox 360? Answered

Hey,I bought my first 360 on the same day they launched but about 2 years ago it stop reading disks it just says "unreadable disk" or something similar no matter what disk I put in it. About 6 months after that I retried it on a whim and it worked and I happily played Crackdown, unfortunately after another 6 months it stopped reading again. So far I haven't gotten the red-rings of death but I'm wondering what the problem might be. As near as I can figure it must be the laser, that it's got loose and shifted so it doesn't read, then shifted back true then off again, right?



6 years ago

My brother tried fixing his xbox360 thinking it's the lens and broke the lens. It turned out to be that there was too much dust in it. Then he got another xbox 360 for christmas and tried J-TAGGing it and failed, he broke the lens again.

Anyways, try cleaning the dust out but NOT with any liquid. You can do this by opening it up carefully and make sure you know where each and every screw goes if you want to put it back together (unlike my brother). Use a cloth or a vacume.

Other than that, I got no clue.

Hope this helped. :)