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How can I fix my damaged table veneer? Answered

There has been an accident with our kitchen table.
We accidently cut something on the table with out protection.

This has left some pretty obvious gashes in this table.

The main problem is we live in a rented accommodation, and this table was supplied with the house.

I can see 3 options.

1. Own up to the letting agent and pay an unknown amount for the damage.
2. Replace the table.
3. Try to repair the table some how.

Ideally I'd like to get this sorted as cheaply as possible.

I have tried buying some coloured pens, but couldn't find the right colour and wax that seemed to be the right colour, but wouldn't apply correctly.

Any suggestions?


Forget about it.  Or at least don't worry about it.  When you  decide to move out the owner will either notice it and write it off as usage damage, notice it and ask you to replace the table or not notice it.

If you have to replace the table how much can that cost?

Honestly, when I owned a rent house I probably would not even have noticed this.  It is a fact that when you rent a house out to someone things are going to happen.  I was always more worried about the holes in the wall, missing door, blood stain in the carpet, missing commode/range/ref., broken windows or the bath tub that was never, not once cleaned in the 2 1/2 years they rented it.  Not all of this was from the same renters but all of it happened at one time or another.

So, these little scratches were an accident and you can settle up at the end of your rental.

Now, can't you think of something more productive to do with your time?

Here's another option you might not have thought of...   Most of the things we worry about NEVER HAPPEN.   I was a BIG worrier, so i wrote all of the things i was worried about in a notebook.  On the LEFT page... i wrote a list of worries. One on each line.... then on the RIGHT side, I waited several weeks and wrote down what was the OUTCOME of that worry.   It kind of looked like this:

co-worker is mad at me   ..................     now we are good friends.
company going on strike/money worry ............. strike only lasted one day.
afraid my brother will not get a job ....................  he finally got a job.
my leased car has a dent afraid of $$$ ....   they didnt even lookat it. no fee.

ETC... etc... i wrote about 3 pages of fears and worries. almost NONE of them came to pass.  Things that DID happen were things I hadn't even worried about !!!   I did this for  several years untill finally i just lost interest in worrying too much because the outcomes almost NEVER occured bad. 

Women are FAMOUS for worrying... so i wrote my wifes worries in the notebook also.  Her worries were no more valid than MINE were.  Give this a try. it only costs the price of a small notebook.

You can try looking at Lowes or Home Depot in the flooring section.  They have quite a few products that are made to repair "wooden" laminate flooring of scratches.  They come in differant colors and could cover your problem.  And thats the key here, your not going to really fix this, but you will cover it so its not as noticable.  If you try this it might make a good ible, just a thought.

There's an off chance that you might be able to put new veneer over the old and have it turn out looking OK, but the odds are not in your favor. I'd  recommend #1. You're probably not going to get your damage deposit back anyway.


8 years ago

You should start thinking about number 1 or number 2 because you'll never be able to make an invisible repair to damage that severe.
Plastic laminates can be repaired using burn-in techniques but they are never perfect matches.