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How can I fix my outdoor cement patio attempt? Answered

I tried to create a cement patio for my backyard (kind of like this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-nice-cement-patio/ ) except it was an abysmal failure.

I would like to try to just cover it up and make a flat surface/

So my question is: what kind of cement can I use to create a smooth surface on the patio area? The cement I purchased had a lot of little pebbles and what not so I can't use the same kind. Is there a pebble free cement that you recommend? I looked online and noticed that resurfacing is only good for so many mm, but I may have to do more than that, not sure. Also, there are "gaps" in between each cement tile, so I don't know if a resurfacer would be ideal to fill in those gaps.

I appreciate any feedback and thank you ahead of time!



Most cements have aggregate like pebbles in them. You need to trowel the cement good and flat to help smooth things out and get that aggregate to sit under the surface. If it failed that bad it would probably be best to rent an air hammer and remove the cement all together and start over.

I totally agree. if you dropped the ball, get it out and let a pro put it back in. you can take three quarter rock cement and have a flat shin.y finish. if you know what your doing

Well that an interesting way to pour your own pavers ! lol

If you were to just add more cement I'd be concerned about layer that Thin cracking after a short time.

I would buy some proper Concrete Patching Compound to fill it the Gaps, Then finish it with a Paint on sealer.

Here's the first brand the popped up on google but Use whatever is at your local hardware store. I just linked this one because it has a nice how to Vid :D

And would work best with a 2-part Epoxy paint like this, but a few coats of outdoor concrete paint will work for a few years.

You need a Parging mix that is sand, cement, and binder, (Binder can come in a powder form or liquid form) binder looks like white glue for wood working but it is much different.

Chip off any lose concrete and clean old concrete with water and let surface dry.

If powdered binder follow mixing directions, and apply the binder with a paint brush to the old concrete and let dry takes about 15 minutes to hour depending on humidity should not stick to your finger when you touch it.

When the binder is about dry, mix sand 2 parts, Portland cement 1 part, and binder by directions on container. Add water gradually as you mix, you want a consistency like icing for a cake, too much water and you botched it.

Once you have your parging mixed apply with a trawl.

You can find Parging by Googling.

"Cement" in common usage = sand+portland cement

"Concrete" in common usage = "pebbles"+sand + portland cement.

Ready mixed stuff is usually disastrous. Mix from scratch, and, in thin coats, put PVA wood glue in the mix.

You use a normal cement and sand mix for a cover up.
By "wiping" over the surface with a trowel, you get an extremely smooth surface.
The trick is to always lift the side that moves in a direction up.
So you pull the trowel towards you means the edge facing you is slightly lifted - like spreading butter on a bread.
For small areas you can get leveling cement, it is really thin and runs everywhere, levelling itself in the process, but costly and usually not required.

If you would have treated the surface of you old concrete the same way all pebbles and other stuff would have been under the surface.
Even with fist sized rocks in the mix you can still create a perfectly smooth surface ;)