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How can I fix the Drag and Drop functionality of my PC? Answered

Recently my computer has decided to stop allowing me to use drag and drop (dragging a file across the desktop, Dragging clips around in Premiere etc) It happens randomly, and there is no obvious cause for it. It can be fixed by relogging, however this solution is rather irritating. I've noticed it affects programs such as Illustrator too, whereby it gets stuck on one tool, and I cannot change it, I'm not sure if this problem is directly related, but it started at the same time. Again, restarting the program fixes this. I've never had this problem before, and I'm totally stumped at what to do to fix it.

Any Ideas?


If doing a complete system recovery hasn't worked, then it's definitely a hardware issue (as system recoveries completely wipe the drive and install everything to factory default, including drivers).  I wouldn't suspect a driver issue anyhow just because mouse drivers are a core component to any OS and are never changed in any way.  If your mouse came with software, it's only to add extra features; drag-and-drop is built into any graphic OS's kernal, and I can't imagine anything that would alter the functionality of it.

You stated you tried different mice; were they all the same plug as the original?  And which plug do they use, USB or PS/2 (round with pins)?  Either way, the likely cause may be on the motherboard.

Keep in mind a system recovery (which gives you a fresh installation) is different from a system restore.  A system restore only backs the registry and some critical files up to a previous date, which may be of no help whatsoever.  The restore point may be corrupt or may simply not have the affected files or registry keys to overwrite.

I restored the system, to no avail. I also tried several other mice, nothing, I'm fairly sure that this is the PC screwing up, rather that the Mouse. I've already treid trawling for information about this problem, but nothing has come up, any ideas?

I'm fairly certain this is driver/software related, the mouse works perfectly fine. All clicks and gestures other than drag and drop are fine, I can draw a line in paint etc without it cutting out.

If you're 100% certain it isn't a problem with the mouse, (did you actually try a different mouse to confirm?) then it has to be either a registry error or a driver problem.
Try updating/reinstalling the driver and see if that fixes it. If it doesn't, its probably a registry error and then it gets dicey. You may be able to do a restore from a backup made before the problem first started, Otherwise, you'll have to scour your OS related forum's FAQ's looking for help therein.

I'd blame the mouse / pointing device and anything directly associated with it's function such as a mat / grubby table.



8 years ago

The intermittent functioning suggests to me it could be a problem with your mouse. If it is wireless, replace or charge the batteries. Or, try a different mouse if you have one available.