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How can I fix this power box thing for my guitar pedal? Answered

it used to work fine but someone stepped on the cable and now it only works if I can find a way to bend the cable so that current flows, but honestly this sucks( cause I have to be holding it somehow to be able to play).


I have the same  guitar pedal and the same thing happened  to me it sucks

Where did you step on it? Is it the wire, the barrel connector, or the wall wart itself broken? If you can isolate the broken section, cut it out, and solder the wires again, heat shrink/electrical tape - tada! I've done this on countless adapters who have a slightly broken connection.

I think the problem is in the cable. sometimes it works if I twist and bend the cable in different positions. How can I isolate the broken section? Thank you!

hook it up to something that turns on and off quickly, like an LED... Then straighten the cord, and introduce a bend, keeping the rest of the cord as still as possible... When you find the break, cut a few inches on either side of it and strip/solder/wrap the wires back together. Odds are its very near the connector.


9 years ago

Hmmmm.. You sound buggered with this one. I'd say, for cheap, find a suitable replacement at a yard sale. Match the voltage and amperage to yours, and make sure that the positive and negative sleeve or tip match up.