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How can I get 100$ under a month (10 years of age)? Answered

I'm saving up for a new laptop but I have to save up half the cost.I've been serious about it but I get 30$ every month. Any ideas?


here you some answer
1_do simple house work for your parent or your neighbourhood and take money as reward
2_sell your old things you don't need it (after Parental consent)
3_craft simple things and sell it for example you could make some knot work it easy to learn and cheep cost.

warring : avoid getting online money by survey and simple jobs due to most of it 18+ age needed

So, it might help to know more about your situation.
  • What part of the world you are coming from?
  • Where do you get money from right now? Is it from work that you do or from an allowance?
  • Have you talked to your parents yet about getting this laptop? Do they agree with you buying it?
  • What is the urgent need that requires you to get a laptop this month?

Take some of your money you do have and get some vinyl bumper stickers printed up that say simply, "IMPEACH OBAMA" If they cost you 25 cents apiece to print, walk around and sell them for 2 or 3 bucks each. If anyone looks ANGRY at you.... also have a few stickers that say, "OBAMA FOR DICTATOR!" I wouldn't print many of THOSE kind. They will not sell very well.

When I was a youth, I made a killing with a squeegee! so much in fact that when I became unemployed 8 years ago from my IT job, I started doing it professionally. still doing it to this day!
The women of the neighborhood would love to see me walking down the street with my bucket! charge 5 bucks for each picture window and 10 bucks for a door-wall... you should have your money in no time!
2 gallons of water, 1-1/2 cups of ammonia and about 1-2 tablespoons of regular cheapo dish soap!
squeegees are cheap enough as well as sticks to reach higher spots.
Good luck!

Ten is hard.

I got my first job on a moving van I think it was $2.50 an hour all I did all day was walk in the house pick up a box and carry it to the truck.

On a good weekend I could make $24.00 that was a lot of money 44 years ago.


This has been asked before. try a search

at 10 you should really be using this site the lower age is 13.

However I will do the search for you.


At ten years of age, you cannot get an official job.

Your best bet is to sell your muscle power around the neighbourhood for cash - wash cars, mow lawns, weed flowerbeds, run errands, walk dogs, sweep leaves.