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How can I get TV on my computer? Answered

I was wondering if I could hook up and aerial and some sort of gadgetry to pick up digital TV signals onto my computer... Preferably something for an average computer.



6 years ago

I bought an online software that allows access to about 3000 satellite TV channels and cable TV (I have no time yet to see them all), but tuned channels have very good signal.

If anyone is interested


You need a TV tuner (as Re-design says). These will either be cards which you have to fit to your average computer, or will connect via USB. Hauppage are one manufacturer, you could shop around for those products and look at related ones.


HULU.com and there are many others on the net. there are hdtv cards that will let you computer act as a tv tuner. These are more expensive and some don't work well. Google tv card.