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How can I get a Vista boot disk for a Dell Studio 1737 with the SATA drivers for the hard drive controller? Answered

I have been asked to do a rebuild on friends Dell laptop, unfortunately the guy who had it before me formatted the drive so I cannot create a recovery disk set &  owner has lost the recovery disk set I made her a few months ago.
To make matters worse the guy who formatted it also managed to delete the recovery partition.
The problem basically is that without the SATA drivers even though I can boot to a Vista disk I cannot access the hard drive as it keeps asking for the sata drive.
I have tried the Dell support web site but that was no help as I have tried ALL the drivers available there to no avail & a call to them by the owner was a waste of time.
I can get a replacement set from Dell but they don't really like to supply them & to be honest I would rather not have to wait weeks for them to get here before I can get the machine running again.
Any ideas folks?



Best Answer 7 years ago

They've really stuffed this up eh?
My logic says, that the machine needed BIOS SATA functional in order to boot from the HDD (when it did), so the first problem would be there.
Can you access the HDD and repartition it with e.g. http://partitionlogic.org.uk/download/index.html? If it's repartitioned and formatted Windows might see it?


Not tried that yet I will have a go this evening along with a couple of other bits I prepared last night (very Blue Peter of me). It will have to wait till then as I am relaxing today with a set of dining chairs that need re-upholstering, some people have therapists; I have a cd player hammer & tacks. Thanks for the suggestion wish me luck :-)

I just have this circular question which makes me think that:
"How did Windows load Windows SATA drivers from the SATA drive which it can't read without?"
I've used part'logic OK, and wonder whether Win' might behave differently if the drive was definitely formatted right.
Enjoy the tacking anyway.


That occured to me as well when I first had it put to me, it's a real chicken & egg moment isn't it? (or should that be egg & chicken?)
The recovery boot disk goes into an IDE cd drive which of course can be accessed, it contains the drivers for the SATA drive which are used to load the recovery build onto the sata hard drive, or at least that is the way it was explained to me.
I think I may have got to the bottom of it now but if not I will be back.
Or I may just go for the chickens instead ;-)

I don't think the sata drivers come on the windows disk. They come on the motherboard disk. They have to be loaded before you can format the hard drive.

If they is a generic version on the windows disk, they should be available to be loaded automatically at the start of windows installation.

That is the problem, I can boot to a windows disk but it doesn’t have the relevant drivers so I can't access the hard drive. A recovery boot disk specifically for the machine in question will have the correct driver as will a set of recovery disks for it. Usually it would just be a case of hitting the f11 key during the POST on startup then follow the recovery option like that but as someone deleted the recovery partition on the drive even that is not an option.

You need the "System Restore Disk" not a Vista boot disk. You can download it here if you can't wait for it by mail.

Sorry a bit of a misleading opening question now I look back at it, I thought I made it clear in the body of original question that is what I was looking for.
Usually the System restore disks (recovery disk set) would be either supplied by the manufacturer or they can be made by the user via a utility on the machine.
Unfortunately the set I made some time ago for the owner of this machine have been put away somewhere "safe" & as a result cannot be found.
Thanks for the link I will check them out.

Sir, did you ever figure out the fix to this problem? I have the exact same problem. Blank HD, no original software, just reinstall discs from other dells

That was quite a while ago & to tell the truth I can't remember how I got around it, all I do know is that I changed a setting in the BIOS which allowed me to get a build on the drive.
Oddly enough I have recently been left an identical machine which has had a replacement drive installed & the owner is having the same problem, when I get around to sorting it out I'll let you know how I did it.

(do let us know when you find the fix) L