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How can I get baked on, brown stain off from a smooth "stainless" steel cooktop surface? Answered

Stainless steel cooktop. I've tried vinegar, soap and water, and even a cleaning cream called "Cook Top".



Make a paste of baking soda and water with a drop of dishwashing liquid. Spread this over, into and all around the stain; and then bake it on by heating the cooktop. After it's cooled down again, moisten an old toothbrush and use it with the baked-on baking soda to scrub away at the stain. Sometimes a plastic scrubbie is good, too (I find that my thumbnail is what really works best, but it's a somewhat limited resource). If only part of the stain comes up, repeat the above until it's all gone. It can take some elbow grease, but I've removed permanent-seeming baked-on-brown stains from all sorts of cookware and cooktops this way. It works on old roasting pans, and even for cleaning the oven.

OMG. This works a TREAT! and it's so easy. Not to mention non-toxic! Thank you.


9 years ago

The best thing I have found for baked on food is lemon . I cut a lemon in half and rub it on the baked on grease or what ever it is on the surface and let it set for 5 to 10 minutes or squeeze the juice onto the surface and let set . Rinse with plan water. I have used it on the stove surface, the pans under burners and the oven. I even use it on my stainless sink to get it sparkling clean. It works with the store bought lemon juice but not as well

Soak in Washing soda - may take overnight.

it really depends on what kind of stain it is. Two types: it may be a deposited stain where there is material that on the surface that has stained it or it may be a stain that has actually changed the surface (i.e. heat + metal - oxidizing thus different color). For the first stain- and you say it's steel i would use a dremel to buff it off. If it actually changed the steel there's little you can do besides grind layers of it away hoping to expose some steel that was not affected or coat it with another metal through electroplating.

Grinding layers off of stainless steel could be problematic. If you remove the chromium oxide that makes the surface layer of the steel "stainless," the underlying metal may start to rust - you'd hate to have swapped out a inert brown stain for an ever-growing red one.

'cook top' cleaner is for those glass induction cooktops. with crap baked on. stainless you want a product called "miraclean" from kitchen supply houes. If it's brushed finish surface - use any commercial stainless cleaner - from a commercial kitchen supply house.