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How can I get better known? Answered

How can I get better known in the k'nex community on instructables? please give me several options.



Best Answer 8 years ago

1. Post something. Post several things. Make sure they're something new though or you'll start off with a bad rep.
2. Posting on the forums helps greatly. Just don't revive old posts or post in every topic without really wanting to for any reason other than to have a post in every topic.
3. Comment on instructables and orange boards. Subscribe to people. In other words, look for people and tell them you're there instead of us finding you.
4. Use good grammar. Believe it or not but you'll have a better rep the better you sound.
5. Get to know all of us. If you know us then chances are you'll be able to get along well with that person or at least know how to react to them.

So yeah just shuffle yourself into the community. At first it will seem awkward but gradually you'll start to fit in until we don't even see you as anyone new.

One option for getting well known; spam, lie, cheat, steal, and swear.

Not really, but it does answer the question, lol.

Post something that's good.  Your chair is a good kickstart to your knex career.

 put them in groups
make sure you have good pictures
this question im sure helped
put them in k'nex forum topic
get them featured(this got me from 400 to 10000 views in about a week)

1-Post a lot of comments that are worthwhile and use good grammar. Avoid things like: U R B cuz
2-Post Instructables that a worthwhile. Don't post 6 piece guns and whatnot. Try to make your knex Instructables innovative. 
3-Back to the comments. Post everywhere and often. Get in the action. But only on recent posts. 
4-Here is a tip. Don't spam. It might get you noticed, but not in a good way.

I hope this helps.

Post good pictures.
They need to be in focus and well lit.
Use a good background, not the top of your desk with all you extra knex pieces in the background.
Borrow a good camera if you don't have one of get a friend who has one and knows how to use it to take pictures for you and give him credit for taking them by putting his name in the instructable.

use a knex only forum

Post some more Instructables (that are good)
Post some more comments (that are worthwhile)
Answer some of these questions
Post some good Forum topics
Do this for several months.